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I-CAR ProLevel 1
I-CAR ProLevel 1
I-CAR ProLevel 2
I-CAR ProLevel 2
I-CAR ProLevel 3
I-CAR ProLevel 3

I-CAR ProLevel 1
Training for Non-Structural Technician
*Course available online only
Hazardous Materials, Personal Safety, and Refinish Safety (WKR01)
Removing and Installing Exterior Trim, Pinstripes, and Decals (TRM03e)*
Removing and Installing Hardware Interior Trim (TRM02e)*
Trim and Hardware (TRM01)
Advanced High-Strength Steel Overview (AHS01)*
Automotive Foams (FOM01)
Steel Unitized Structures Technologies and Repair (SPS07)
Bolted-On Exterior Panels - Part 1 (EXT03e)*
Bolted-On Exterior Panels - Part 2 (EXT04e)*
Movable Glass (GLA01)
Moveable Glass (GLA01e)*
Cosmetic Straightening Steel (STS01)
Cosmetic Straightening Steel (STS01e)*
Plastic and Composite Repair (PLA03)
Automotive Lighting (LSC04e)*

Blueprinting Process and Damage Discovery (BLU01)
Collision Repair for Ford and Lincoln Vehicles (FOR05)
Collision Repair for General Motors Vehicles (GEN03)
Collision Repair for Honda and Acura Vehicles (HON01e)*
Collision Repair for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion Vehicles (TOY01)
Corrosion Protection (CPS01)
Electric and Electric Hybrid Vehicles (ALT01)
Electric and Electric Hybrid Vehicles (ALT01e)*
Hybrid Electric And Alternative Fuel Vehicles (ALT02)
Hybrid Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles (ALT02e)*
Introduction to Carbon Fiber (CFR01e)*
Overview of Cycle Time Improvements for the Collision Repair Process (CYC01)
Recycled Parts for Collision Repair (RCY01)
Recycled Parts for Collision Repair (RCY01e)*
Vehicle Technology and Trends 2010 (NEW10)
Vehicle Technology and Trends 2011 (NEW11)
Vehicle Technology and Trends 2013 (NEW13)
Vehicle Technology and Trends 2014 (NEW14)
Best Practices For High-Strength Steel Repairs (SPS09)

Equivalency Tests and certain training through the Industry Training Alliance may also be used to meet requirements. Contact I-CAR Customer Care at 800.422.7872 or customercare@i-car.com to learn more.